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• A New Home, Job Perks Make Output Jump at AT&T
• Pixie Dust at Disney
New Teaming Wave Leaves FM Complexities in its Wake

Telemarketing & Call Center Solutions
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• Weighing Your Options in Ergonomic Furniture
• Bringing Art to the Science of Site Selection
• New Directions in Call Center Design

Voice Processing Magazine

• Ergonomics is Economics

Wall Street Journal

• Office Furniture Fits Joint/Individual Efforts

Customer Service Manager's Letter
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• Create an Ergonomically Friendly Environment for your Reps, Issue 893

Encyclopedia of Telemarketing

Published by Prentice Hall. In this all-inclusive encyclopedia, over 30 of the nation's most prominent telemarketing experts examine virtually every facet of the field and its key related disciplines (Gere Picasso - Chapter 14 - Habitat).

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