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Construction SiteEngel Picasso Associates was formed in the mid 1980's as a firm that specialized in the design of call center facilities. We have maintained our focus and leadership role in this design specialty by constantly finding ways to enhance employee productivity and encourage innovation through our application of design strategies for call centers environments. The firm is a partnership, with the Principals assuming day-to-day management and involvement in all the projects we undertake.

We are also dedicated to the value of research-based information from call center projects as a means of continued development and innovation in the work we perform. It is our belief that one of the factors needed to facilitate collaborative knowledge work and increased call center productivity is to provide people with environments that maximize the effectiveness of each individual. To fulfill this vision, we build innovative partnerships with our clients. Our mission is to help our clients constantly develop new and better ways to provide quality services with our particular emphasis on the technical nature and multi-disciplinary aspects of today's facility requirements. Our services include:


Site Selection Analysis
Environmental Design Research, including Facility Programming, Pre- and Post-Occupancy Evaluations (POE)
Architecture, Space Planning and Interior Design
Furniture Product Evaluations, Workplace Protocol Guidelines & Facility Standards programs

Project Management

The firm is unique in its particular focus on, and experience in High-Stress and High-Tech work environments. These environments are characterized principally by high performance demands placed on personnel by their jobs and by the high degree of required technology integration (telecommunications, data systems, etc.) in their workplaces.

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