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The Vision to Find Solutions

Path Through Acacia TreesSince 1984, Engel Picasso Associates has been a leader in providing site selection, architectural, interior design and project management services for call centers, with unwavering dedication to help our clients successfully meet their project goals.

Throughout our organization there is a strong commitment to problem solving and doing the job right the first time.

To accomplish this goal, we become day-to-day business partners with our clients. We solve problems by using our vast experience and the most advanced technological tools at our disposal.

The Vision to Succeed

Our dedication to helping our clients succeed is equal to our dedication to innovation. This vision is reflected in every aspect of our practice.

Experienced Senior Staff are specifically assigned to every client we serve. Engel Picasso Associates has industry specific experience so we understand the corporate and competitive pressures you face. We stay current with the changing business environment by actively participating in professional organizations and trade groups. We follow through from design to installation so you have a single point of accountability and a seamless business relationship with our team.

Engel Picasso Associate's Quality Assurance Program ensures that we deliver what we promise — performance and reliability. Our unwavering commitment to call center employee research and worker competence is matched with thoughtful design solutions. Ultimately, the call center can be justified by its impact on people's ability to work more efficiently and through savings in operating costs.

Ongoing Project Support keeps us involved far beyond the delivery of a project. We provide orientation and ergonomic training programs for your employees as well as documentation to maintain your project after move-in.

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